Bit on the Side Saddle

‘Bit on the Side Saddle’

‘Sidesaddle might be the only way of riding for some, for others it is a discipline they work hard to perfect, but for me, it is an art that needs to be nurtured and encouraged for all who wish to try, should it carry on for future generations.’
– Sarah Parry.

Molly Malone, my inspiration to create ‘Bit on the Side Saddle’ and the leading horse in the development of the ‘Melody’ side saddle.

The Melody Side Saddle

For what seems to be a lifetime now, Bit on the Side Saddle have been developing a saddle that that is not only affordable, but meets the demands of modern shaped horses and modern day riding.
Our ‘Melody’ side saddle is built on a fibreglass and elastane tree which is reinforced with stainless steel. 
We have figured the memory in the steel to match that of the flex in the tree. The tree and fittings are made in Europe are sent to our workshop in India along with crefully selcted hides from Italy, Argentina and England. 
The design, sympathetic to the stylish yet functional saddles of old is not blazen with branding but sits queitly knowing it is keeping this wonderful art alive.

Our Melody Tree

Our tree is shaped to fit a modern horse, a wider shouldered animal with a fuller, deeper ribcage. It is designed for jumping with 2 positions for the leaping head. They all have a bar which reinforces the front of the tree. We use a Mayhew type safety bar, the metal parts we had recast from originals. The shape has been influenced by saddles of old, the heads are wide and flared to help spread weight and pressure. They give a secure ride and reassure riders new to side saddle.

The Melody Side Saddle

Our saddles are made with Italian, Polish, American and English leathers. The doeskin is sent with serge fabric from England to our workshop. Colours can vary slightly at times, but we generally stick to the traditional havanna or tan main body with paler seats and grip areas with a cream underside. They are flocked with British wool and a Wykeham or felt based panel is available. We do not brand or stamp the leather but the nail head carries our neat little logo.

Melody Accessories

Our range of products include matching strap goods such as bridles, breastplates, girths and riding accessories are made from European hides. Metalworks including fittings for our saddles are stainless steel, as are our bits and stirrup irons. Habits for all occasions, canes, gloves, hair accessories, boots and corsets have been very popular for ‘Bit on the Side Saddle’. We offer made to measure bridles from a fine maker, knowledgabe of side saddle rules and ettiquette.

News Updates

We love going to shows and events where we can promote and raise awareness for side saddle. Please let us know if there is an event you would like us to attend, we have a ride on saddle horse and carry some saddles with us. By trying different saddles you will come to find which style and features suit you best. There is no better way of finding a saddle for your horse than bringing him or her with you. Some shows allow this and even encourage it. A firm favourite in our diary is the Side Saddle Nationals hosted by the Side Saddle Association. Taking your horse means you have the best opportunity to see what suit him or her also. There is a wealth of experts and knowledgable people who can help you in all aspects of side saddle. By joining the Side Saddle Association you get chance to learn, compete and enjoy being part of a group who share similar values as ourselves, keeping the art of side saddle alive, developing yours and your horses newly found skills and enjoying the chance to be elegant in our hectic and often not so elegant lives!

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